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Agm Technology Start -stop Battery for Hybrid Car

Battery size: 353x175x190mm
Weight: 27.5kg
Technology: Agm technology
  • VRL5 92-H8
  • MCA
  • 85072000

Agm Technology Start -stop Battery for Hybrid Car


1. Innovate AGM technology, special lid design, ultra high efficiency of oxygen compound, which make battery maintenance free completely, eco-friendly, and safe to slant in any angle.

2. Lead carbon technology make battery with good starting ability in low temperature, and fast charging acceptance.

3. Radial design grids, and tight assembly technology, which make battery with good vibration resistance, reduce the engine abrasion rate.

4. Excellent anti-corrosion alloy material and high pure material, battery with longer cycle life. low self-discharge, long storage time.

5. Wider working temperature, -40℃~70℃. Cycle life is 3 times as ordinary start stop battery.




hybrid cars , start - stop

system equipped vehicles and also ordinary cars

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