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  • What are the characteristics and applications of the deep cycle AGM battery?

    The deep cycle AGM battery refers to a storage battery that uses ultra-fine glass wool as the separator. Deep cycle AGM batteries have many advantages and are currently widely used.Here is the content list:●What are the characteristics of the deep cycle AGM battery?

  • What are the advantages of lead-carbon batteries?

    Lead-carbon battery is a new type of super battery that combines both lead-acid batteries and supercapacitors: it not only takes advantage of the instant large-capacity charging of supercapacitors, but also takes advantage of the specific energy advantages of lead-acid batteries,

  • Operating principle and advantages of deep cycle gel battery

    The colloidal lead-acid deep cycle gel battery replaces the sulfuric acid electrolyte with colloidal electrolyte, which improves the safety, storage capacity, discharge performance, and service life compared with ordinary batteries.Here is the content list?

  • How to maintain storage gel battery?

    The storage gel battery has the advantages of high cycle reliability, high charging efficiency, and long service life in high-temperature environments. It also has significant advantages in energy saving and pollution reduction. With so many advantages, only when we pay attention to protection

  • How to charge and maintain the deep cycle AGM battery?

    How to charge and maintain the deep cycle AGM battery?The deep cycle AGM battery uses pure sulfuric acid aqueous solution as an electrolyte, and its density is 1.29-1.3lg/cm3. Most of it exists in the glass fiber membrane, while a part of the electrolyte is absorbed inside the electrode plate.Here i

  • How is the storage gel battery composed?

    The storage gel battery adopts a gel-like electrolyte, and there is no free liquid inside. Under the same volume, the electrolyte capacity is large, the heat capacity is large, and the heat dissipation ability is strong, which can avoid the phenomenon of thermal runaway in general batteries.

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