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Gel 100ah Solar Battery for Boat


1. Deep cycle design, 4BS lead past technology: long service life.

2. Unique corrosion-resistant grid alloy, special lead past design, battery with good ability for deep discharge, and recover ability after deep discharge.

3. Radial plates design, tight assembly technology: high efficiency discharge performance.

4. High quality fumed silica gel electrolyte:no flow, no leakage, all parts of the plate in uniform reaction.

5. High purity raw material: low self discharge rate.

6. Oxygen recombination technology: safe and eco-friendly.





Solar energy system

Aerial Work Platform / Access

Floor cleaning machine

recreational vehicles, marine

  • FCDG12-100
  • 8507200000

Gel 100ah Solar Battery for Boat


MCA Battery, as one of the professional lead acid battery manufacture in China, we produce full range of valve regulated lead acid batteries, which include agm battery, gel battery, deep cycle battery, front terminal battery, high rate battery, lead carbon battery, agm start-stop battery and so on.


For our products, they are widely used for solar and wind energy system, UPS, telecom system, Lighting, security and communication system, leisure boats, golf carts, floor cleaning machine, Aerial Work Platform, hybrid cars and so on.


For our products, they are with CE, UL, MSDS, test report, safe transport certification. For the company, we have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 1801 certificate.


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