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How is the storage gel battery composed?

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The storage gel battery adopts a gel-like electrolyte, and there is no free liquid inside. Under the same volume, the electrolyte capacity is large, the heat capacity is large, and the heat dissipation ability is strong, which can avoid the phenomenon of thermal runaway in general batteries. There is no doubt that storage gel battery has more advantages than ordinary batteries, so what is the internal structure of a storage gel battery?

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What is the internal structure of the storage gel battery?

What is the application range of the storage gel battery?

storage gel battery

What is the internal structure of the storage gel battery?

Broadly speaking, the difference between a storage gel battery and a conventional lead-acid battery is not only that the electro-hydraulic is changed to gel. For example, non-solid hydrocolloids belong to storage gel batteries from the perspective of electrochemical classification structure and characteristics. Another example is the adhesion of polymer materials in the grid, commonly known as the ceramic grid, which can also be regarded as the application feature of the storage gel battery. Existing laboratories have added a targeted coupling agent to the electrode plate formula, which greatly improves the reaction utilization rate of the electrode plate active material. Storage gel battery has been ups and downs in history, which is related to the development of colloidal materials and the maturity of the technology. In the past three or two years, although nano-scale sols have been developed and there are more production practices for the electrochemical applications of surfactants, it is difficult for manufacturers to select suitable gel-state colloids in a short period of time. The water-based glue is designed as an intermediate product developed from an acid battery to a storage gel battery. It has the characteristics of eliminating the physical gelling framework, retaining the characteristics of functional polymer groups and surfactants. It is pure liquid and treated as a kind of sulfuric acid when used.

What is the application range of the storage gel battery?

Storage gel battery is widely used. Such as communication systems: switches, microwave stations, mobile base stations, data centers, radio and broadcasting stations; power plants and transmission and transformation systems; solar and wind power generation systems; signal systems and emergency lighting systems; EPS and UPS systems will all apply storage gel battery. The advantages of storage gel batter's high quality and long cycle life make it a favorite battery type in various fields, and it has been widely used so far.

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