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Sealed Celled Rechargeable Gel Battery 12V 33AH

Battery size: 196x130x155 mm
Weight: 10.1kg
Technology:  gel
Certification: CE, UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Sealed type: Sealed
  • FCG12-33
  • MCA
  • 85072000

Sealed Celled Rechargeable Gel Battery 12V 33AH 


1. High quality fumed silica gel electrolyte:no flow, no leakage, all parts of the plate in uniform reaction.

2. Tight assembly technology: high efficiency discharge performance.

3. Gel electrolyte, battery with good heat dissipation ability, battery can work at lower and higher temperature.

4. High purity raw material: low self discharge rate.

5. Oxygen recombination technology: safe and eco-friendly.




Solar energy system

Uninterrupted power suppliers

Lighting equipment, fire alarms and security systems

Communication and telecom system

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