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What are the characteristics and applications of the deep cycle AGM battery?

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The deep cycle AGM battery refers to a storage battery that uses ultra-fine glass wool as the separator. Deep cycle AGM batteries have many advantages and are currently widely used.

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●What are the characteristics of the deep cycle AGM battery?

●What are the applications of deep-cycle AGM batteries?

deep cycle AGM battery

What are the characteristics of the deep cycle AGM battery?

From the application point of view, deep cycle AGM batteriesare lead-acid deep cycle AGM batteries. The biggest feature of this type of deep-cycle AGM battery is small current discharge, which can be discharged at 100%. After deep discharge, the deep cycle AGM battery can be fully recovered. 1. The unique deep-cycle design, thick plate, and high-density active material have a longer life in deep-cycle use; 2. The deep cycle AGM battery has good recovery performance and strong charge acceptance, small potential difference between upper and lower, and high electric capacity.3. The capacity is large and the specific energy is higher; 4. The self-discharge is small, and the deep cycle AGM battery voltage will drop very slowly when stored at high temperature; 5. It has a good consistency. Adaptation to the environment is also very extensive. It can be used in the temperature range of -40°C to 65°C. It has good low-temperature performance and is suitable for application in the northern alpine region. It has good seismic performance and can be used safely in various harsh environments. It will not be restricted by space and can be placed in any position when in use. 6. Significant improvements have been made in low-temperature start-up capability, charge retention capability, electrolyte retention capability, cycle durability, vibration resistance, and temperature change resistance. It can be stored for 2 years at a room temperature of 20°C and can be put into operation without charging. It is quick and convenient to use. Because the internal resistance, capacity, and float voltage of the single UPS deep cycle AGM battery are consistent, there is no need for equalizing charging and frequent maintenance.

What are the applications of deep-cycle AGM batteries?

Deep cycle AGM batteries can be used in a wide range of fields. These applications will benefit from their true deep-cycle design, including solar/wind power generation systems, telephones, electrical equipment, medical equipment, instruments, meters, computers, uninterruptible power supplies, power stations, etc. Deep cycle AGM batteries can also be used in places where management policies require the use of deep-cycle AGM batteries that will not overflow, such as airports, health care institutions, shopping centers, and fire protection, security devices and alarm monitoring, aviation, aerospace, power storage, wireless communication systems, emergency lighting and portable electrical appliances and mining systems, traffic and navigation lights, etc.

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