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Composition, charging, and application of Storage Gel battery

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Storage Gel battery

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l How do I charge my Storage Gel battery correctly?

l Composition of Storage Gel battery

l Application range of Storage Gel battery

How do I charge my Storage Gel battery correctly?

Do not wait until the Storage Gel battery has run out of charge before recharging. They should be recharged promptly after discharge.

For Storage Gel battery chargers, try to use a better quality charger, which will help to improve the life of the battery.

The battery should be fully charged and stored in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight. The battery should be charged before being stored for more than 1 month and should be charged and discharged in depth once after being stored for more than 3 months.

When charging in hot weather, take care that the battery temperature is not too high. If it is too hot, do not charge the battery and you can stop to charge it. In winter, when the temperature is low, the batteries tend to be undercharged, so you can extend the charging time appropriately.

If it is a set of Storage Gel batteries, replace them when you find any problems, this will extend the life of the whole set.

Composition of Storage Gel battery

Storage Gel batteries use a gel electrolyte with no free liquid inside. Under the same volume, the electrolyte capacity is large, the thermal capacity is large, and the heat dissipation ability is strong, which can avoid the thermal runaway phenomenon of general batteries. There is no doubt that Storage Gel battery has an advantage over ordinary batteries.

In a broad sense, the difference between Storage Gel batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries is not just thecharge from the electrolyte to gel. The adhesion of a polymer material in the plate grid, commonly known as a ceramic plate grid, can be seen as a feature of the Storage Gel battery. Existing laboratories have added targeted coupling agents to the electrode formulation, greatly improving the reaction utilization of the active material in the electrode. Storage gel battery has had a rocky history, which is related to the development of colloidal materials and the maturity of the technology.

Aqueous gels were designed as an intermediate product in the development of acid batteries to Storage Gel batteries. It has the characteristic of eliminating the physical gelling skeleton and retaining the functional polymer groups and surfactant properties.

Application range of Storage Gel battery

Storage Gel batteries are used in a wide range of applications. Storage Gel batteries are used in communication systems such as switches, microwave stations, mobile base stations, data centers, radio broadcast stations, power plants and transmission systems, solar and wind power systems, signaling and emergency lighting systems, and EPS and UPS systems. They have been widely used to date.

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