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Features and development of lead-carbon batteries

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The MCA Lead carbon battery is an advanced VRLA lead acid battery made by adding carbon material to the negative plate of a lead acid battery. The MCA Lead carbon battery was successfully developed based on existing deep-cycle colloidal batteries. It has better performance characteristics compared to traditional lead-acid batteries with defects such as sulfated electrodes, short cycle life, and poor low-temperature performance. Lead carbon batteries have excellent charge acceptance and ultra-fast charge and discharge performance.

Lead carbon battery

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l Features of lead-carbon batteries

l The development of lead-carbon batteries

Features of lead-carbon batteries

Firstly, fast charging, with an 8-fold increase in charging speed. Secondly, the discharge power has been increased by 3 times. Thirdly, the cycle life is increased to 6 times and the number of recharges reaches 2,000 times. Fourth is the cost performance, the price is increased than the lead-acid battery, but the cycle life is greatly improved. Fifth, it is safe and stable in use and can be widely used in various new energy sources and energy-saving fields.

With the development of microelectronics technology, miniaturized devices are becoming more and more common, which places high demands on the power supply. Lead carbon batteries have entered the stage of large-scale radicalization.

Lead carbon battery is the most advanced technology in the field of lead-acid batteries, and is also the focus of development of the international new energy storage industry, with a very broad application prospect.

The development of lead-carbon batteries

Energy storage technology is one of the key technologies that restrict the development of the new energy storage industry. Energy storage fields such as photovoltaic power plant energy storage, wind power energy storage, and grid peaking require batteries with high power density, long cycle life, and low price. Lead carbon batteries, lithium-ion batteries, are the two major development directions of new energy storage batteries. Among them, lithium has a high cost, consistency problems still exist. Lead-carbon batteries are a relatively feasible route for energy storage technology. Ordinary lead-acid batteries have the advantage of low cost, but the short cycle life leads to high energy storage costs per unit of time. Lead carbon batteries have great potential for development in the field of new energy storage because they add activated carbon, which can prevent the negative electrode sulfate phenomenon, prolong the battery life and reduce the cost per unit time of use.

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