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Lead Carbon Battery - A bright future of lead acid battery

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Lead carbon batteries - A bright future of lead acid batteries


Lead carbon batteries are an advanced VRLA lead acid battery,  which is made by adding carbon materials to the negative plates of lead-acid batteries


The carbon particles we add to the lead negative plates will form a conductive network structure. Such a smaller and uniform mass transfer network can promote the uniform progress of the electrochemical reaction on the surface and inside of the electrode, thereby reducing the concentrated precipitation effect of PbSO4 on the surface. Based on the above network structure, the lead-carbon battery can effectively suppress the sulphation trend of the negative electrode, which significantly improves the battery service life. Moreover, carbon itself has good electrical conductivity and capacitance characteristics, so that lead-carbon battery has better ability to work at low-temperature. Its charge acceptance, large current charge and discharge performance is also better than that of traditional lead-acid batteries.


As a new type of super battery, lead carbon battery is a combination of lead acid batteries and super capacitors, The carbon acts as a sort of 'super capacitor' which allows faster charging and discharging, plus prolong life at partial state of charge.


MCA Lead Carbon battery is successfully developed based on existing batteries.  It has better performance characteristics compared to the traditional lead acid batteries such as electrode sulphation, short life cycle, poor low temperature performance and other flaws.


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