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The advantages and technology of lead-carbon battery

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The Lead carbon battery is a new type of super battery. Thanks to the addition of carbon (graphene), the phenomenon of sulphation of the negative electrode is prevented, improving a factor that had previously caused battery failure and extending battery life. Lead carbon batteries are a mixture of asymmetric supercapacitors and lead acid batteries connected in parallel internally. As a new type of super battery, the Lead carbon battery is a combination of a lead-acid battery and a supercapacitor.

lead-carbon battery

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l Advantages of lead-carbon batteries

l Technical advantages of lead-carbon batteries

l Lead carbon batteries are the way forward for lead-acid battery technology

Advantages of lead-carbon batteries

The Lead carbon battery is a new type of super battery that combines lead-acid batteries and supercapacitors in one. It takes advantage of both the instantaneous high-capacity charging of the supercapacitor and the specific energy of the lead-acid battery and has a very good charge and discharge performance.

Thanks to lead-carbon technology, lead-carbon batteries perform far better than traditional lead-acid batteries and can be used in new energy vehicles, such as hybrid cars and electric bicycles. It can also be used in the field of new energy storage, such as wind power generation and energy storage. With similar low-cost advantages to traditional lead-acid batteries and a mature industrial manufacturing base, lead-carbon batteries have a strong competitive advantage in various applications.

Technical advantages of lead-carbon batteries

1. Unique formulation and optimized curing process for positive and negative lead paste. The positive electrode active material is resistant to softening, has a good deep cycle life, and has high active material utilization. The negative lead paste has strong resistance to sulphation, a low capacity decay rate, and good low-temperature starting performance.

2. The positive electrode plate grid adopts a new special alloy with a reasonable structural design, good corrosion resistance, reasonable current distribution, close bonding with the active material, high current performance, and strong charging acceptability.

3. Lead carbon battery adopts a new type of electrolyte additive, the battery precipitates high hydrogen and oxygen overpotential and is not easy to lose water.

Lead carbon batteries are the way forward for lead-acid battery technology

The cycle life and multiplier charge/discharge performance of lead-carbon batteries have been greatly improved, greatly enhancing the application of lead-carbon technology in various energy storage systems. In terms of performance, lead-carbon batteries have the characteristics of lead-acid batteries and capacitors. The addition of activated carbon increases the power density of the battery and extends the cycle life. In terms of process, the addition of activated carbon also increases the difficulty of co-mingling and pole-piece coating. Overall, lead-carbon batteries outperform ordinary lead-acid batteries and are an advanced lead-acid battery and the mainstream direction of lead-acid battery technology development.

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